Car insurance services: The amount of premium

To determine the amount of premium the insurance company pulls zoom in general the following factors. Statistical studies have shown that different regions have different claims experiences. A vehicle that is driven for example in an area with heavy traffic and high crime situation, the insurer is a higher than average risk, the corresponding effect on the premium amount. index

Type class: Statistics have shown that the type of vehicle affects the expected risk. Thus, certain vehicle models are more often involved in accidents, stolen more frequently in case of damage or cause higher costs than others are. The classification of vehicles into appropriate type classes is reflected for premium the insurer. Who wants to save money on the insurance should pay attention before buying a car on the type classification.

Even the profession of car holder has statistically a certain influence on the probability of damage. There are four different groups of tariffs, under which calculates the contribution rate in the motorindex insurance segment. What is the impact of occupations in the insurance application on the premium to be paid will remain hidden to the policyholder generally.

The biggest influence on the amount of the premium is the so-called no-claims bonus. A policyholder who has proven over many years of accident-free driving experience his driving skills provides the insurer is a significantly lower risk than a novice is. In conclusion, the long-standing claim-free drivers is classified in a more favourable claims category.

The system of claims category also allows the insurer, the premium amount each year the number of claims of the customer. The classification in the claims classes depends on the number of claim-free calendar years. Most insurers differentiate the premium from 0 to 25 years.

The number of loss-free years are then assigned contribution rates. These vary typically between 230 percent of the claims category 0 (novice) and 30 percent in the claims category 25 (with 25 or more calendar years no claims).

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