Car insurance core services

The automobile liability insurance is necessary for every car owner. Only those who have a liability insurance policy for his vehicle receives a license from the competent authority. The core services are all offered on the market car insurance largely are identical.

Differences in insurance coverage is more in detail. For example, some insurers offer the so-called Mallorca-Police its customers and insurance cover for driving a rental car abroad; others extend the group of insured persons. In general, who is caused his vehicle in an accident and thus he harms third parties, turns to his automobile liability insurer.

This compensated for the damage of the accident victim.In addition, the motor vehicle liability insurance but also provides a passive protection. A passive protection is necessary; if a third party against the insured is unjustified claims. The insurer will in such cases defines which of these claims can be charged to it. The automobile liability insurance provides coverage only if the damage arises in using the vehicle. In motor liability, insurance is limited insurance coverage not only to the policyholder. In addition, the holder, the driver, the owner and the employer (for business trips) is granted coverage.

Contract in the automobile liability insurance

It is free in insurance the insurer whether to accept the request of a customer or not. This principle is not applicable to the motor vehicle liability insurance. As the holder of a car is obliged to take out third party liability insurance, in reverse and the insurer has a duty to accept an application for motor vehicle liability insurance in the minimum coverage. An exemption from the obligation to contract is, however, for example, if the applicant was already insured with the relevant insurance company and the insurance company had a right to terminate the contract prematurely.

Premium calculation in the motor vehicle liability insurance

The amount of premium that a vehicle owner has to pay to the insurer depends on many different factors. In addition to the type of vehicle, the city and the damage discount many other rating factors used in the calculation for the course.

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